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Waste in action

Focus on BETRE

East Sussex BETRE (Business Excellence Through Resource Efficiency) provides FREE practical and independent advice to local small and medium sized businesses on how to cut utility costs, environmental impact and work towards a low carbon economy.


Thanks to the EU Interreg IVa funding, BETRE has been able to continue its pioneering work until the end March 2011.

Free services include:

• Training

• Environmental audits

• Green action grants.

• Helpline

• Newsletter

Since 2003 BETRE has helped over 1,100 local businesses. Bottom line savings on waste, energy and water costs have totalled over £1.4 million. Environmental impact has also been significant:

• Reduced costs – £1.4 million saved by local businesses.

• Reduced waste – 2,360 tonnes diverted per year from local landfills!

• Save energy – a small car drive over 8 million miles per year on the energy saved.

• Reduced carbon emissions – the volume of CO2 saved would fill 2,800 Boeing 767s per year.

• Save water – 16 Olympic sized swimming pools could be filled per year on the water saved.

As if tough economic conditions weren’t enough, businesses are finding that customers and employees alike expect them to do more to reduce their environmental impact.

Many small businesses are keen to make a difference and to know where best to focus their efforts. Since 99% of UK businesses are SMEs the collective impact of positive change is potentially huge. BETRE helps businesses to reap the benefits and make a valuable contribution towards the environmental challenges that we face as we move towards a low carbon economy.